• Russian Boars  Summer Hunts
  • Russian Boar Hunting & “Red Fin” Lake Trout Fishing
  • Russian Boar Hunts with Monsters – Summer
  • Boar Hunting Smith & Wesson, Supreme Court & the 2nd Amendment
  • Wild Russian Boar in the Autumn Rut

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Giant Russian Boars

Russian Boars Summer Hunts

Russian Boars are staged in ambush within the dark dense forest.  All you can see in front of you is green.  Looking around your senses heighten. You here the chirping of birds, the sweet smell of pine flows through the air. You are on a maze of trails that have lead you into the deep black cedar forest.  The ground is soft and spongy, moving silently you approach the unseen … [Read More...]

Russian Boar Hunting in Summer Time

Russian Boar Hunting & “Red Fin” Lake Trout Fishing

Here are the latest and greatest pictures from the past.. The Ultimate Russian Boar Hunt. Period. No other "pig" comes close to this legendary Beast.  Whether you are hunting  with rifle, archery, handguns, or muzzleloaders you will appreciate his shear brute size and unforgiving attitude. There is more to life than going Hunting... Catch Giant Trophy Lake … [Read More...]


Russian Boar Hunts with Monsters – Summer

Russian Boar Hunts with a Mathew Monster and the 450 Marlin Monster The impenetrable wall of the green surrounded us. Cedars, hemlocks, young maples, and pucker brush on either side. It was a forest curtain, but it might has well been the iron curtain. The Russian Boar Hunts had begun. Listening closely, Randy, Damon, and I all made eye contact as the grunts and snorts moved in … [Read More...]

Smith & Wesson Russian Boar

Boar Hunting Smith & Wesson, Supreme Court & the 2nd Amendment

Boar Hunting with Smith & Wesson  There is a Hand Cannon Powerful enough for a Boar Hunting Russian Boar - the 500  S&W Magnum generates over 3000 foot-pounds of Energy - introduced back in 2003 this brute has never failed in taking the Biggest Boars at Bear Mountain. . The Massive "X-Frame" carries 5 Rounds and that Heats-up to 15,000 ft-lbs of Energy. The Sun … [Read More...]


Wild Russian Boar in the Autumn Rut

Hunt wild Russian Boar with your family and friends. There comes a time  when the Son takes over  and provides the skills and tenacity to get head-to-head with Wild Russian Boar of the Great Northern Forest. When the Autumn Rut is on all bets are off, as the Big Boars rule the hunting grounds in search of fights, feeding and fooling around with the sows The wild Russian Boar is … [Read More...]


Russian Boar Hunt and the 30-30 Winchester, a North American Classic

A Spring Russian Boar Hunt on last snow of the year with 50 degree air temperature, you know spring is on its way. Wet and wild accurately describes spring hunting for Russian boar. Everywhere there is a constant drip as the long days of sun usher in a new beginning.  I was guiding a Russian Boar Hunt with Dick White and his good friend Greg Rich. Dick is experienced at hunting … [Read More...]

Russian Boar Perfect

Russian Boar Hunting – Experience Spring Snow Hunts

Last of The Great Siberian Snow Hunts!   All the way into March for a Spring Russian Boar Snow Hunt. The snow starts accumulating on the ground in mid-November and December. The Snow Hunts are great in December and are at their peak in January, extending through February and into March.  It's recommend to come any time from mid-December (if you need a pre-holiday fix) through … [Read More...]

Russian Boar Hunting i

Russian Boar Hunting for Steve’s 50th Birthday

Russian Boar Hunting for your Birthday Party Russian Boar Hunting in the Spring can be one of the most thrilling times of the year.   This is the Spring Breeding Season, and getting between a hot sow and a hormone enraged Boar could very well be one of the most intense situations a hunter could find himself in. Recently, good friend Steve Grabusky had just spent the better part of a … [Read More...]